Monday, February 27, 2012

Me Encanta...

La version en español pronto...

Pineapples and bananas!


I should change my song to "Yes, we have no bananas!"  At least, no banana plants as yet.

On the left, some yautia plants which started to grow inside my compost, so I decided to plant them just to see what will happen.  Jeanette suggested some weeks ago that my Dismal Failure (she didn't call it that, I do, in my mind) at gardening last summer could have been due to the soil.  This soil is from compost and the yucky top soil I bought in Wal Mart.  Plus, when Nelly came home (she lives in Alabama), she decided we had to eat pineapples.  I don't think they are from the island.  Probably imported. But, we ate it, it was delicious, and I just stuck it into the pot, just to see what might happen.  The bottom, where there was some pineapple fruit left, started to rot.  Ignorant Me just lifted the top off, cleaned the rotting part with the soil that was beside it, and planted it next to where it was.  A few weeks later I decided to look and see what was on the "other side" since the top looked nice and green, and behold!  Roots!

Nelly says that in 5 years I'll have a pineapple.  I'm making compost like crazy, I have 3 pots I'm preparing, so I'll be feeding this pineapple the good stuff.

Plus, I looked at the mango tree and it has buds.  Or small fruit.  Well, there's SOMETHING at the end of the branches and towards the end of Summer, there will be fruit.

Fearless Boss has about 12 tasks for me today, so I'm off.  I've been playing hooky long enough, although, believe it or not, I've already proofread and send a report, besides uploading to his document server, plus a few other things.


I would rather be soaking up some sun at the beach, to tell the truth.

See you all later!

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